Quality Surfacing to Provide Optimal Traction and Shock Absorption

RUBBERGEM equestrian rubber surfacing is produced to the highest quality to provide optimal traction and shock absorption, reducing injury and strain to your horse’s bones, joints, ligaments and hooves.

With as little as a 15-30% addition of RUBBERGEM’S 8-15mm equestrian recycled rubber surfacing granules, you will provide the optimal riding surface ensuring your horse’s comfort and safety with each and every stride.

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An Improved Riding Experience

If ensuring your horse’s performance, comfort and safety is important to you and you prefer to spend less time and money to achieve a better riding experience then RUBBERGEM’S equestrian rubber surfacing is the product for you.

  • Injury prevention
  • Greater horse comfort
  • Low maintenance
  • Decreased replenishing costs
  • Improved moisture absorption
  • Optimum traction & shock absorption
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100% Recycled Quality Rubber For Minimal Environmental Impact

RUBBERGEM products are manufactured utilising 100% recycled rubber from only the world’s premium rubber brand’s such as Fenner Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

By recycling this durable and versatile material we can ensure the material doesn’t end up in land fill negatively impacting our environment.

Equestrian Rubber Surfacing

Durable, Eco-friendly rubber surfacing granules. Made from only the highest quality rubber ensuring your horse’s ultimate comfort and safety with each and every stride.


I would highly recommend RubberGem to anyone looking for great service and a high quality durable product that lasts.

KARRYN ALLEN Rubbergem Customer

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