The Ultimate in Under-Foot Comfort and Stability

RUBBERGEM’S extremly durable ZigZag Roll has been providing the ultimate under-foot comfort and stability to Dairy, Equine and other livestock facilities worldwide since 2002.

ZigZag Roll is RUBBERGEM’S premier product that is made utilizing only premium recycled quality rubber brands with an integral steel cable system to ensure it does not breakdown, stretch or warp over time, as other rubber flooring solutions can do. ZigZag Roll offers buyers a comfortable, fatigue reducing, cost effective, hygienic, noise reducing and anti-slip surfacing solution which holds over 18+ years proven performance.

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Versatile, Cost Effective And Simple To Install

This tough and highly-durable material requires minimal maintenance and is efficient and effortless to clean. ZigZag Roll is supplied in is supplied in customizable widths and lengths which can be cut to exact size making this product very versatile, cost effective and simple to install.

This, together with the integral steel cable system, enables ZigZag Roll to easily withstand heavy machinery weights, high impacts and high traffic areas ensuring durability and long term applicational use.

The Benefits

The benefits of using RUBBERGEM’S ZigZag Roll flooring in your Livestock or Agricultural space include but are not limited too:

  • 18+ Years of proven performance both Nationally and Internationally
  • Excellent comfort and sure footing
  • Cost effective
  • Cushioning support and shock absorbing
  • Customizable widths and long continuous lengths
  • Unique integral Steel cable system and ZigZag pattern
  • Maximum durability – easily withstanding high traffic areas and heavy duty weights and impacts of tractors, scrapers and skid steers
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100% Recycled Quality Rubber For Minimal Environmental Impact

RUBBERGEM products are manufactured utilising 100% recycled rubber from only the world’s premium rubber brand’s such as Fenner Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

By recycling this durable and versatile material we can ensure the material doesn’t end up in land fill negatively impacting our environment.

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