Intakes and production are up to all-time high
We have being working for many years on improving our facilities, initially we used rubber in the collecting yards and parlors. This eliminated cows accidentally slipping in the milking area but we still had cows occasionally slipping on the feed passage ways despite grooving regularly.

Following investigating the various alternatives for the feed alley we opted for RubberGem ZigZag Roll and have never looked back. Since installing we have had no cows slipping on the feed alley and more importantly the cows are very comfortable and relaxed at the feed face so intakes and production are up to all-time highs.
Cleaning the rubber, is also very easy using a rubber scraper on a loader even with our sand laden manure.

The project was so successful we have decided to use RubberGem’s ZigZag Roll for all the passages ways to the milking parlor which will further improve the cow comfort and improve the manure handling.

by Gerald Kiernan
Product ZigZag Roll
Significant reduction in the number of lame cows
We run a milking herd of 900 cows, our old yard had been concrete grooved but has become very slippery and we were having a lot of problems with cows and fresh heifers slipping over on the concrete.

We were also getting lame cows from standing on the concrete for long periods of time and hoof injuries from stones on the yard. In May of 2017 we decided to place down the RubberGem ZigZag roll flooring across the whole dairy yard (Approx 40m x 17m). In the 7 months since we put the rubber down we have seen a significant reduction in the number of lame cows and more importantly we have not had a single cow go down on the yard in that time!

The heifers are much more settled on rubber also. The rubber arrived precut into lengths and all we did was roll it out and fix it at the top of the yard, over all it was about a 5 hour job to cover the whole yard.

by Tom Acocks
Product ZigZag Roll
We have been using RubberGem ZigZag non slip rubber flooring for many years
We at Victory LA have been using RubberGem ZigZag non slip rubber flooring for many years and believe me it’s the most cost effective hard wearing and safe Equine footing available.

Some of our installations include, ramps, swimming pools, tunnels and walker flooring.

by Gavin Adams
Product ZigZag Roll
Continues to be our first choice for equine flooring
We have been using ZigZag roll rubber flooring in the construction of horse walkers and horse pools for over 8 years now.

I’ve recently visited a GG Walker™ located in Ballarat that has had over 8 years of daily use, the ZigZag rubber is still in appropriate condition and continues to be used daily.

We are particularly pleased with the durability and longevity of the ZigZag rubber and it continues to be our first choice for equine flooring projects.

by Neil Strohbeck
Product ZigZag Roll
I would highly recommend RubberGem
My agistment centre has recently installed a RubberGem surface on their arena.

I absolutely love the new surface. My horse has so much more spring. I am finding in trot I am not having to use as much leg as the impulsion happens so much more naturally without needing as much rider intervention. My horse finds it very difficult to canter and on the new surface she has much better jump in this pace. Previously in the canter she would do little pigroots in canter but on the new surface she has hardly pigrooted at all.

The surface is very even which enables the horse to keep its rhythm. In short the new surface is great. I would highly recommend RubberGem to anyone wanting a quality arena surface.

by Karryn Allen
Product Equine Rubber Surfacing
Highly recommend it
RubberGem has made a huge difference to my indoor arena footing. The horses are a lot more comfortable, particularly the older ones. Highly recommend it, great service from the staff too.
by Sue Shier Palermo
Product Equine Rubber Surfacing
Very easy to maintain and looks absolutely fantastic
Fabulous surface and very easy to maintain and looks absolutely fantastic. Shanley Green Agistment Centre and all our agisters are super happy with it. Thankyou RubberGem for a great service
by Michelle Jerrett
Product Equine Rubber Surfacing

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