Enhancing global dairy cow well-being, efficiency, and welfare since 2001.

Indulge in life’s pleasures with butter, cheese, and ice cream—all crafted from the goodness of cows’ milk. For centuries, people worldwide have relished the daily consumption of cows’ milk and dairy products.


Recognising that a content herd is a productive one, it’s evident that prioritising the comfort and welfare of the herd is paramount for achieving optimal milk yields, superior milk quality, and enhanced fertility rates.

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For more than two decades, RubberGem’s DAIRYGRIP has been providing a durable rubber flooring for Internal and external dairy holding yards, milking sheds, and walkways.

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Increasing The Comfort, Confidence, and Productivity of The Herd.

DAIRYGRIP and its unique grooving pattern provides cows with optimal under-hoof cushioning and traction, preventing leg injuries and lameness while simultaneously increasing the comfort, confidence, and productivity of the herd.

DAIRYGRIP is supplied in long lengths, which means no joins and therefore reduces lifting and damage, as is often experienced in traditional interlocking mats. Coupled with the integral steel cable system, DAIRYGRIP will not stretch over time and remains unaffected by automatic scrapers, skid steers, and tractors making cleaning easy and efficient.

Backed by a 10-year warranty and a track record of reliable international performance, trust DAIRYGRIP to last up to four times longer than typical interlocking mats.

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DAIRYGRIP is available through our numerous international dealers across 20 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Ensuring your herds’ comfort, productivity, and welfare has never been more convenient.

The DairyGrip Difference

  • Excellence in cow comfort and traction
  • Unique integral steel cable system
  • Long lengths - eliminating joins
  • Customizable widths
  • Extremely Durable - Unaffected by automatic scrapers, skid steers and tractors
  • Bridgestone, Dunlop and Goodyear premium reconditioned rubber
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty (conditions apply)
Australian Dairy FarmerCanadian Dairy FarmerUnited Arab Emirates Dairy FarmerUnited Kingdom Dairy FarmerUnited Kingdom Dairy Farmer
“Since we put the DairyGrip rubber down we have seen a significant reduction in the number of lame cows and more importantly, we have not had a single cow go down on the yard. The heifers are much more settled on the rubber.”
Australian Dairy Farmer
“All our dry cows, close cows, and far-off cows are on the DairyGrip rubber flooring and we have noticed they are all more comfortable and confident, the rubber has really prevented the cows from slipping and in our breading pens, we have seen more visual heats. It’s a floor we wouldn’t replace with anything else, after four years it’s as good as when it first went in.”
Canadian Dairy Farmer
“Since installing DairyGrip we have no more cows slipping on the feed face and intakes and production are at an all-time high. Cleaning the rubber is very easy using a rubber scraper on a loader.”
United Arab Emirates Dairy Farmer
“With DairyGrip in all the walkways and up to the feed barrier we have noticed a definite increase in hoof health and cow comfort. Our foot trimmer has also commented on a significant improvement in lameness and hoof health. We definitely recommend this product to others.”
United Kingdom Dairy Farmer
“We scrape two times a day with a skid loader and DairyGrip is the only product out there that holds up.”
United Kingdom Dairy Farmer
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100% Recycled Quality Rubber For Minimal Environmental Impact

RUBBERGEM products are manufactured utilising 100% recycled rubber from only the world’s premium rubber brand’s such as Fenner Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

By recycling this durable and versatile material we can ensure the material doesn’t end up in land fill negatively impacting our environment.

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